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Hospital indoor lighting led lamp What's wrong?

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Although, LED panel lights have been subject to hospital indoor lighting user support and affirmation, but now due to fierce competition in the market, but the market there are still some light leakage phenomenon occur side angle occurs, which not only seriously affect the use of lighting, aesthetics, returned to the hospital interior lighting user to leave a very bad influence. Thus, when faced with this problem, the manufacturers should promptly analyze the problem, determine the cause and resolve.

First, the first thing we need to do is to look at the reasons why the leakage of light hospital interior lighting with LED panel light will appear:
1. Due to negligence during the installation, it will not tighten caused.
2. General product prior to market needs through quality testing from visual effects to the light emitting surface and so after a series of checks. When this happens the lamp, good quality may not be detected.
3. The panel lights built-in power there is a problem caused by the brightness of the light source is too strong, and there have been similar side light leakage phenomenon.
Second, how to solve the problem of light leakage side
1. Select in the hospital indoor lighting LED panel lights, try to choose a regular, good reputation manufacturer, and with the manufacturers to discuss how to resolve the phenomenon of LED panel light side light leakage occurs.
When 2.LED panel lights frame during processing, should pay special attention to the small gap, the gap will lead to little lamps light leakage occurs phenomenon.
3. If the dimensional accuracy of the product and can not handle the problem, then we might as well try to use shading paper paste, thus ensuring hospital indoor users have a better experience.

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