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Office building lighting using led lights need to pay attention?

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LED lamp is a high brightness, no pollution, no radiation, energy saving and environmental protection green lighting, with the economic development and promotion of energy-efficient lighting technology, is gradually being widely used in office building lighting environment, although now enough energy saving lamps, but technically speaking, we still have much room for development, but also constantly improve the current technology, office building lighting LED lamps to a higher level. Achieve better energy efficiency, let's take a look at how the office building lighting technology but also with LED lights.

Want better lighting technology development, energy-efficient is necessary to achieve energy efficient, using energy-saving light source should be selected according to the size and shape of the light source is designed to improve utilization and decorative effect. The multi-function development, we also note that around electronic products have become light weight, small size, and gradually to the simple direction.

With the development of LED industry, since its green LED lights, light uniformity, delicate structure, user-friendly design and the use of a wide range of other advantages concern office building lighting environment. Although now more and more widespread use of LED lights, but small series but found a lot of users for which not so understanding. Therefore, Xiao Bian today about the problem LED lights required in the design process of attention from many angles.

A, LED lights in the design should pay attention to try to use a thin thermal plastic, it is best that use self-adhesive thermal plastic, so as to not affect the thermal conductivity.

Second, now on the market a lot of LED lights will choose matte surface plus diffusion plate, but this type of electrostatic diffusion plate is relatively large, easy process produces easy to absorb dust. In addition, when used for a long time, dust may be entered into the lamp body through a variety of different ways, it will use the lamps can cause greater damage. The double-sided diffusion of the diffusion plate, light guide effect is even better, static electricity and more petite, avoid dust entering the lamp body right, but its light transmission rate is only 85-88%, so we use in the office building when most lighting situations well you can actually buy.

Three, LED lamps best choice in the design of more efficient lamps, since the side-emitting flat lamp in the heat and light output have limitations, but too much power in the heat but it will affect the light efficiency will be relatively low.

Fourth, when you try not to stick reflective paper glue, glue will absorbs light, and easy to produce bright light entrance surface side, and a large area of ​​the light guide plate will need to stick a little, otherwise it is prone shadow stripe.

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