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How to choose the most suitable office building lighting LED lamps?

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Office building illumination light is critical, not only need to provide basic lighting, and office staff on the eyes also play a protective effect on the office building lighting can also play a very good role in rendering. So how do we choose the most suitable office building lighting fixtures it?

First, due to weather or other factors, even in the daytime office building lighting lamps also need to use, you should try to choose soft lighting to prevent glare or make people feel tired, so as to create a comfortable lighting environment.

Second, to ensure uniform light office work space and reduce glare.

Third, office lighting in public areas, and its illumination to meet the office corridors, walkways requires a flexible control, easy to reach overtime at night to save energy.

For the above, we recommend the LED panel lights or LED lamps. Bright LED lights use light-emitting uniform, soft non-glare, and has energy-saving, high brightness, no radiation, no flicker, green features, is very suitable for office building lighting environment.
Since LED lamp has many advantages, and thus use more widely, but the emergence of the phenomenon does not shine in use, which is what causes it?

First, it could lead to being hit in the transport process and cause damage.

Second, the weld fixture is Weld phenomenon, may be subject to vibration during transportation caused by joints fall off and damage it.

Third, joints prone to fall off.

Fourth, prone to embrittlement, shedding phenomenon, it may also be installed when the bending angle is too large, resulting in solder joints and bright copper separation lead.

Fifth, the installation of lights is not distorted, or will lead solder and lead to shedding light.

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