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School classroom lighting using led lamps What principle?

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Three principles concerning school classroom lighting with led lighting

First, the school should be avoided like the lighting and the blackboard to teach using the same lighting color temperature light source;

Second, whether or fluorescent group led lamps, stability curves around 4000K light source identification of the best, the highest recognition rate, indicating that the visual effect the best performance; easy to use and high color temperature 6500K lamp, is not conducive to the students to read, back a great deal of damage to eyesight.

Third, the current South China school classroom lighting most commonly used 6500K fluorescent light, its worst performance vision; and when voltage instability and job illuminance using subtle changes, it may cause a decrease in students' visual efficiency.

According to the research data show that high school students myopia rate is now 89%, and up to 91% of college students myopia, so choosing the right lighting is particularly important. Select the appropriate school classroom lighting will make the human body cycle more regular. School classroom lighting in the appropriate light, our work and life will be more harmonious, more efficient. Suitable school classroom illumination not only fully satisfy our legitimate needs for lighting, but also to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

led lamps because of their size limit, the internal power supply circuit free of harmonic processing functions built-in lamp, only with the most simplistic power supply function. Just touch the internal circuit layer insulation package, while the upper part of the lamp and the lamp is made of metal, electric shock phase safety for external power supply is also a lot of difference.

Solution: Try to use an external power supply, both to avoid the effects of harmonics on the surrounding electrical appliances also protect the safety of the line, releasing its power has also been greatly guaranteed service life has also been improved.

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