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Led Chicken Farm Light
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Led Chicken Farm Light

Product Model: T10
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Chicken Farm light Features:

  • Fully waterproof and dustproof.
  • Strong tough structure 每 fully power washable and anti-corrosion.
  • Over 70% savings when compared to fluorescent fittings 每 lower running costs
  • Very long lifespan 每 little or maintenance   when fitted .
  • No fire risk / lower Insurance costs 每 led will always stay at a low temperature
  • Nothing to go faulty within fittings 每 no maintenance .
  • Double and single row optional.                                                                            
  • 0-10v /1-10v dimmable .

Specification Of T10 Led Chicken Farm Light :












 AC 85-265V

 Light efficiency(lm/w)


 Color Temperature(K)




 Working Temperature


 IP Rate



 Clear PC Cover+IP65 Male and Femal Waterproof Connector


 With 1-10V dimmable internal driver







Poultry housing lighting, pig house , chicken farm and livestock house.

Problems associated with lighting in Poultry houses:

  1. High moisture levels especially when washing.
  2. High ammonia/gas levels 每 toxins present.
  3. Lights are often on for up to 16 hours per day 每 can be expensive/high maintenance.
  4. Standard fittings can be troublesome 每 faulty ballasts, end caps, clips, etc.
  5. Fittings can get very dirty 每 light levels decreases.
  6. Heat levels are consistently high.
  7. Problems hanging lights because of corrosion of brackets/clips.

That's the reason why the poultry houses need to install the T10 Led Chicken Farm Light.

T10 Led Chicken Farm Light can effectively figure out these problems.

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