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Why some hospital indoor lighting LED light does not shine?

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Because the hospital interior lighting LED panel light has many advantages, and thus use more widely, but the emergence of the phenomenon does not shine in use, which is what causes it?

First, since the LED panel light packaging imperfections, may cause it to suffer the impact in the transport process and cause damage.

Second, the weld fixture is Weld phenomenon, may be subject to vibration during transportation caused by joints fall off and damage it.

Third, LED panel lights solder less solder easily fall off phenomenon.

Fourth, LED Panel Light lamp with poor quality solder, prone to embrittlement, shedding phenomenon, it may be too large bending angle during installation, resulting in solder joints and bright copper separation lead.

Fifth, when installed in a hospital indoor lighting environment can not be distorted, otherwise it will lead solder and lead to shedding light.
Each lamp is in use will produce heat, LED panel lights in use will produce some heat, especially in the summer time, when we are close to the lamps can obviously feel the heat. Maybe you do not know is that LED panel lights to a large extent in the life of the hospital interior lighting is determined by its heat level.

Back Glowing LED panel lights wherein a light way, it can be very light evenly distributed behind the diffuser plate, directly down the photos, create a comfortable environment for hospital indoor lighting users. However, back-emitting LED panel light is not doing too thin. The following panel LED lights on the back for you to talk about why not do too thin luminous reason LED panel light bars.

1, the LED panel light lamp beads are fixed on the rear panel, if the rear plate using an aluminum block board, then it will greatly enhance their costs. If you use a strip of aluminum plate, it is difficult to fixed and positioned.

2, in order to ensure its effectiveness, should ensure that there is a certain distance between the LED light source and the diffusion plate, otherwise it will see the light emitting from the visual point, so it will increase the thickness of the lamp, thereby increasing the cost of the lamp housing.

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