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How to choose the lighting plant workshop led lamp?

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LED lighting affordable high clear differences between the factory workshop lighting How to choose lights, lighting engineering factory workshop mainly lighting fixtures for more demanding. Specifically depends on the following aspects:

1, material selection
Lighting material differences in the market is large, light of different materials prices are very different, we take a common LED lamp, the glass and aluminum price difference can be more than 20 yuan. Choose good material factory workshop lighting a major role in the heat.

2, the weight of choice
Lighting lamp factory workshop election many people care more about the weight of the lamp, this is not a decisive role, not entirely based on the weight determination. Most of the light is all plastic, glass and shell FR4 board, aluminum radiator is a good point if it is, then it will supply plastic irrigation heavier.

3, parameter determination
External parameters is not an important criterion to measure the quality of the lighting project, or according to power parameters, the cooling effect of aging and measured determination.
Factory workshop lighting lamps use more power, such as mining lamps, spot lights and bulbs and other high-power E40, brightness and life is the primary guarantee of the seller.

Also dead lights phenomenon refers to a different degree or flickering light when LED lights start, LED damage for two reasons: First, the voltage is out; the second is the current excee
ds: Pressure test leakage current are located around 10mA , generally will not exceed the allowable current value of the LED. Maximum cause damage to the LED voltage may be exceeded.

Analysis of the following reasons:
1, LED chip quality problems, especially green and blue lights dead lights most vulnerable
2, there is performance driven and cooling is a big aspect. Lamp beads colloid moisture content is too high it is very likely cause a short circuit and leakage phenomenon.

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