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Elevator LED lighting design, "provincial standard" introduced

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Recently, the provincial 58 local standards of Guangdong Province Bureau of Quality Supervision approved the release of the formal implementation, which involves LED lighting industry has 11, including high-tech enterprises in the zone by the Jiangmen Jiangmen Junda Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for elevator lighting LED lighting design criteria (number DB4 4 / T1336-2014), the standard in the province and the country belongs to the first formulated.

According to "Guangdong LED lighting industry in the pre-project standards and revision suggestion list (second batch)" requirement, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau on April 8 to May 5 for the public for the LED lighting industry, "provincial standard" pre-established projects undertaker.

Given the current lift lighting LED lighting design no national standards, industry standards or officially announced the implementation of standards for local management, standardized, uniform lighting with LED lighting elevator design, elevator lighting system used to guide energy efficient LED lighting industry, Guangdong product quality supervision and inspection Institute proposes to develop an elevator lighting LE D lighting design standards, and collect the Guangdong quality supervision, inspection and Research Institute, Japan standardization Guangzhou electrical equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Junda optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shunde District of Foshan City Association drafting unit.

After a "contest", specializing in the production of digital products and LED photoelectric LED commercial lighting fixtures and with the elevator industry supporting more than 10 years of history Jiangmen Junda Optoelectronic Technology Co. topped eventually emerged as the only one to develop Jiangmen LED industry, "provincial standard" business.

According to reports, elevator lighting LED lighting provides lighting design standards standard value, quality, energy-saving evaluation, lighting and power distribution and other indicators, the following DC and 1000V AC rated voltage 250V or less, and can be widely used in offices, residential real estate business , shopping malls, railway stations, subways, airports and other public places, passenger lifts and service lifts lighting system.

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