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LED bulb - one choice for everyday household
LED bulb for its innovative design and the latest energy-saving technology led only by less than 6W power consumption, can replace traditional 60W incandescent lamp standard, respectively, and significant savings in electricity costs, but also has a long service life (30,000 hours ). While LED bulbs do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, environmental pollution, to bring safe and healthy, comfortable lighting experience.

LED Bulb Features:
Easy installation, can directly replace incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps, energy saving lamps with soft light color, light and stable, can choose different colors of light products solid structural design according to the indoor atmosphere, not afraid of broken, does not flow out toxic substances no UV and IR radiation harm your work environment and health, human physiological rest no health impact optimized heat dissipation structure design can control junction temperature long life below 60 íŠ, replacing your light bulbs to replace the trouble.

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