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School classroom lighting energy saving

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School classroom lighting purpose is to create a vision to meet the needs of light, as the work environment for school education. Good school classroom lighting enables students to reduce visual fatigue, improve learning efficiency; make it easy lecture classroom lectures, teaching effective. For schools, high capacity utilization, conserve resources, protect the eyesight of students, construction personnel power.

School classroom lighting requirements from the visual task lighting quality and lighting requirements, handle the blackboard lighting to ensure the visual health of students.
led light without using mercury nor lead, has a protective effect on the educational environment. led lamps will not produce noise, use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the occasion is a better choice. School classroom lighting for such occasions. Traditional fluorescent lamp using alternating current, 120 times per second strobe will produce around. led lighting is to directly convert AC to DC, no flicker, protect the eyes. led lamps will not produce ultraviolet light, not like traditional lamps, as there are a lot of mosquitoes around next to the light source. School classroom lighting will become more clean and tidy. school classroom led lamps lighting the best choice.

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